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Supplier & Contractor Registration

All potential Offerors are required to register via the Supplier and Contractor Portal.

The Supplier and Contractor Portal registration process will progress through four stages:
     -  Registration of a company administrator
     -  Entering your corporate headquarters Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) number
     -  Completing a short form questionnaire
     -  Gaining access to the main database and completing seven "folders" of data

The information you provide will be utilized to assess your company's commercial capability (D&B rating, bonding capacity, bid range, business size and focus) relative to a given project requirement.  Information related to insurance, bonds, annual sales, small or large business classification(s), areas of expertise, work experience over the past two to three years, and contractor data information (including EMR ratings, annual man-hours worked and any fatalities) is required for your company to be considered as a potential Offeror.

In addition to completing the registration process described above, potential Offerors may forward a letter of introduction to the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP) Project Small Business Program Advocate.  This letter should provide information on the firm's contacts, capabilities, services, equipment, materials, and products available.


It is the policy of BGCAPP to prequalify prospective Offerors for each Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunity posted on the BGCAPP website. The process for becoming prequalified requires the active participation of potential Offerors. Each potential Offerors registered on the Bechtel Supplier and Contractor Portal are responsible for continuously updating, refining and improving its information.  It will be utilized to complete an initial assessment of a potential Offeror’s general capabilities. BGCAPP personnel will request clarification and supporting documentation as deemed necessary to support each prequalification effort.

Opportunities will be posted on this website, under "Opportunities", and updated on a routine basis.  Prequalification will be required for each scope of work.  Any potential Offeror interested in a specific scope of work may provide its qualifications by completing all required documents, which are posted within the scope of work description.  The documents may then be forwarded using the e-mail tool, by clicking the envelope icon .  The e-mail notification will be forwarded to a central mailbox and distributed to the responsible Acquisitions team member for further processing. 

Project-specific “go/no-go” criteria will include requirements supplemental to any of the categories set forth above.  If additional information is requested, respondents are required to ensure all prequalification evidence is complete, clear, concise and directly relevant.  BGCAPP reserves the right to deem a respondent unqualified for a given RFP opportunity on the basis of its initial response. Respondents must satisfy all project specific criteria to be deemed qualified for that particular RFP.

While BGCAPP seeks to maximize the use of competition for most opportunities, the completion of the general and project specific prequalification process does not guarantee participation in any RFP.  Because of special project characteristics, additional information or criteria may be used to evaluate a potential Offeror’s ability to perform work.  BGCAPP is committed to significant participation of small businesses.  Large businesses are encouraged to team with small business partners.  For more information, please contact the Small Business Program Advocate.

Safety and Health Program Guidelines

Bechtel is dedicated to the concept that all accidents are preventable. Accordingly, we are committed to achieving and sustaining "Zero Accident Performance". Review and evaluation of each potential Offeror’s safety and health history is an integral part of our evaluation process for any services to be performed within the Project jobsite. A Safety and Health Questionnaire form will be included in each prequalification package for jobsite based services.  This form must be fully completed and submitted as part of the prequalification package. Inability to meet the minimum requirements for safety will prevent a potential Offerors from being invited to participate in the resultant RFP:

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Guidelines

It is good business to have an effective quality assurance and quality control program.  Each RFP has a specified quality requirement applicable to its Scope of Work.  As part of our prequalification process, it is a standard practice to review and evaluate each respondent’s quality assurance management system.  Supplier quality assurance program requirements are included in the each prequalification package and companies are responsible to read, understand and confirm they will meet these requirements, as well as complying with their own corporate or industry quality requirements.