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Opportunities and Instructions

The below listed forecast of opportunities can be accessed by clicking on the link next to each opportunity to view a summary scope of work and associated prequalification criteria and documents.  Prequalification criteria and documents are specific to each scope of work and are listed within the summary scope of work.  Complete all required prequalification documents and click on the envelope icon to open the e-mail tool.  Enter your complete Company Name & DUNS number, Contact Name, Address (including City, State and ZIP Code), and Phone Number in the text field, upload all prequalification documents, then press the "Send" button by the indicated due date.  This e-mail will be delivered to the BGCAPP Acquisitions team "mailbox" for evaluation.
If you have not yet registered on the Bechtel Supplier and Contractor Portal, please do so since this is a prerequisite to prequalifying for a project specific requirement.

The issuance of RFPs for the following forecast of opportunities is contingent on the BGCAPP Project receiving an authorizing Notice To Proceed (NTP) from the Government to perform the Work. 

BGCAPP is committed to significant participation of small businesses.  Large businesses are encouraged to team with small business partners.  For more information, please contact the Small Business Program Advocate. Construction Subcontract Opportunities
Bid Opportunity No. Prequalification Due Date Description
24915-TBD           Open Treaty Office Facility
24915-T90-FSR-HCHC-00002 September 2015 Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal